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Afa's Niece and Nephews Debut on Monday Night Raw!
WXW would like to congratulate the niece and nephews of 2007 Hall of Famers Afa & Sika "The Wild Samoans" for their debut Monday, May 24, 2010 on Monday Night Raw.

Jimmy and Jules Uso are the sons of Afa's nephew Solofa Jr. Fatu a.k.a. Rikishi. Tamina, who was trained at the world-famous Wild Samoan Training Center under the guidance of uncle Afa, is the daughter of Hall of Famer Superfly Jimmy Snuka. She was the first recipient of the prestigious Lia Maivia Scholarship from Usos- The Samoan Family Foundation.

" I was so proud to watch my kids swarm in and attack the Hart Dynasty. This brought back great memories of the Samoans and the Harts/Smiths. It was great to see the family tradition continue with the young generation working together and the Samoan splash! I am especially proud of my niece for being the first female in my family to follow in our footsteps. Go get 'em, Sarona!".- Afa the Wild Samoan

WXW Referee Kevin Grogan Breaks Records in Triathlon Race!
Sunday, May 23rd was the second stop of three in the Surf Coast Trifecta Multisport Series.

WXW Official and Wild Samoan Training Center student Kevin Grogan won his second straight overall title in the Space Coast Bikearthon in Viera, Florida. Grogan, who also won the overall title at the Cocoa Beach Triathlon (Series Race #1) in mid April, covered the course (a 20 mile bike followed by a 6.2 mile run) in a blistering 1:30:50. Grogan's time was a new course record and bested the next closet competitor by over six minutes in a field of close to 250 athletes. With Sundays win, the WXW's Grogan is very close to claiming the Series overall title & also claiming a nice chunk of the $3,000 Series prize purse. The final race is the Dad's Day Triathlon in Melbourne on June 20th. Results Series Website Todays race
May 22nd Event Results!


Before the show began, WWE Hall of Famer Afa "The Wild Samoan" came to the ring. Two of the most recent graduates from the Wild Samoan Training Center came next; Mark Silva and Kekoa. Both WXW Superstars received their diplomas from Afa!

Match Results

1) TNT Mottley def. The Puerto Rican Hound Dogg

2) Mark Silva def. Kekoa in a battle of the two most recent graduates of the Wild Samoan Training Center. After the match Mark Silva demanded the WXW take a serious look at him for a title shot! The monster Silva has been unstoppable since his debut in WXW.

3) WXW Television Champion Brett Thunder def. Kid Breeze to retain the title.
Originally the match was awarded to the Kid Breeze, but the referee discovered a foreign object on Breeze and reversed the decision giving Thunder the victory.

4) WXW Tag Team Champions The European Union (Adam Windsor and Neil Faith) battled the debuting tag team Jamaican Funk (Sweets and EZ Alex) to a no contest.
The match ended with a double pin so the referee held up the belts and both teams will fight June 19th with TWO referees to ensure there is a victor!

5) WXW Cruiserweight Champion Gu$ Money and Seam Maluta ended in a double count out.

6) Main Event No. 1 - Triple Threat Match for the WXW Heavyweight Title
WXW Champion Nick Nero vs. C.J. O'Doyle vs. "The Perfect Creation", Richard J. Criado.
This match was a fast paced back and forth contest between three men that know each other well. Rookie WXW Champion Nick Nero was very aggressive with many high risk moves. Nero dove on PC near the end of the contest, but PC grabbed a chair nailed Nero on the outside, and attempted to bring the chair in the ring. CJ hit PC on the way in, and accidentally nailed the ref! Nero jumped on apron trying to take the chair from PC. CJ nailed a dropkick but PC moved and instead hit the chair into Nero! PC low blowed CJ, connected with a chair shot to CJ's back, then delivered CJ's own Diamond Cutter finish on the chair! The ref came to, and counted 1, 2, 3! NEW WXW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION "The Perfect Creation"!

7) Main Event No. 2 - Hardcore Match!
"High Profile" Dylan Night vs. Nick Folie
Dylan has a supreme hatred for Nick Folie because it was Folie who cost him the WXW Heavyweight Title back on May 1st. These two men pulled out all the stops including using chair, ladders, and ultimately a table laced with Barb Wire! After a brutal contest Dylan got the barb wire tables in the ring, and sandwiched Folie in between them! To make matters worse Dylan hit the top of the table with several chair shots, finally scoring the pin after that! The war between these two men is escalating and no one knows where or how it will end!

Be sure to see WXW back at the Minneola Recreation Center Saturday, June 19th!
WXW Congratulates Betsy Ruth on Signing with TNA!
Afa the Wild Samoan and all of WXW would like to congratulate the 2009 Elite 8 Women's Torunament winner Betsy Ruth on signing with TNA! Betsy is a tough, talented, unique wrestler, and will make WXW proud as she furthers her career!
May 1, 2010 Results!



1) TNT Mottley def. Kekoa

Great match in a battle of WXW rookies. Kekoa wrestled his very first singles match but not able to defeat the slightly more seasoned TNT. Both men are graduates of the Wild Samoan Training Center!

2) The European Union (Neil Faith and Adam Windsor) w/Candi def. The Hatchet City All-Stars to become the NEW WXW Tag Team Champions!

3) Da Biff def. Bobby Fonta

4) Special Stipulation Match –WXW TV and Cruiserweight Titles on the line!

Brett Thunder & WXW Cruiserweight Champion Gu$ Money def. WXW TV Champion Kid Breeze & Sean Maluta. As a result of the stipulation, Brett Thunder became the NEW WXW TV Champion! Thunder has been on a roll in WXW as of late and this new title proves it!

5) WXW Woman’s Champion Kimberly def. LEVA t retain the title in an excellent match between these two top wrestlers!

6) ELF and the Puerto Rican Hound Dogg wrestled to a double count out.

7) Mark Silva def. CJ O’Doyle

WXW Rookie and Wild Samoan graduate Mark Silva was very impressive in his debut singles match indeed! However, it took outside interference for him to defeat the veteran CJ! Perfect Creation, who has had ongoing issues with CJ, including CJ costing PC the Xtreme War, came out at the end when Silva inadvertently squashed the ref. PC jumped in the ring and nailed CJ with a devastating chair shot while CJ was attending to the fallen ref! PC put Mark on top of CJ, and ref counted 1,2,3!

8) NICK NERO def. Dylan Night w/Candi to become the NEW WXW CHAMPION!

The winner of the Xtreme War Nick Nero had earned the No. 1 contender spot by winning the Xtreme War match in April. But as the match was about to begin Nero was nowhere to be found! Instead, The Perfect Creation came to the ring and told Dylan that Nick wasn’t here, and since he was the Xtreme War runner up that he deserved the title shot! Dylan and PC went at it for a few minutes and then NICK NERO hit the ring! No one knows where he was, but he cleaned house on Dylan and PC when he got there! PC went out of the ring to get the chair he has just used on CJ earlier, when CJ came out from the back and stopped PC! CJ and PC were brawling on the floor then Candi hopped onto the ring apron to distract the ref and Dylan used the opportunity to nail Nero with his spinning DDT on the chair! Just as Dylan turned around Nick Folie was there and delivered a double under-hook DDT to Dylan on the same chair and put Nero on top!

The ref pushed Candi off the apron, turned around and counted to three in the biggest upset in WXW HISTORY!

WXW Champion Nick Nero will defend his belt in a Triple Threat Match Saturday, May 22nd at the Minneola Recreation Center vs. CJ O’Doyle and The Perfect Creation! Former Champ Dylan Night will attempt to get revenge against the man who cost him the belt, Nick Folie!

*** Disclaimer: Top Rope Productions, Inc. WXW would like to remind you that its Superstars are trained professional athletes. You should never try to emulate what they do in and out of the ring. ***

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